The Voyage

Alex Yu

After years of training under the top chefs and restaurants Hong Kong has to offer, Alex saw an opportunity in the high-end catering industry. Stepping out of his comfort zone Alex founded Voyage and started with just a handful of clients. He quickly gained recognition in the fashion industry and has gone on to re-define the catering experience, specializing in canapés to match the theme of any launch, corporate event, wedding or gathering with close friends.

Launched in 2018

Initially a creative outlet for Chef Alex, Voyage grew to concompass complex themes and concepts for some of the most exclusive events in Hong Kong. As every event is different, with unique challenges and themes so is every canapé we create. Our Chef and team will sit down with you to discuss your constraints, creative idea, and motivation and tailor a selection of canapés specifically to you. We can scale to almost any size, from tiny social gatherings to great banquets, from small Hong Kong kitchens to professional commercial kitchens. Whatever your challenge we will help you plan an unforgettable voyage of taste.

Taste, Texture & Consistency

Our Philosophy

Our passion is bringing creativity to life and engaging all of your senses. Taste, smell, texture and artistic expression is key to our philosophy but consistency is most important and overlooked part of our industry. The ability to ensure that every one of your guests have the same, exquisite experience from start to finish requires dedication, creativity and strong attention to every last detail.

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